• *Passionate about achieving excellence in dance.
  • *Committed to perfect the teaching of dance.
  • *Promoting self achievement and performance.
  • *Dedicated to safe practise whilst maintaining a high standard!


About three thousand years ago the Chinese realized that although there are so many tens of thousands of words, sometimes it is almost impossible to find one that means exactly what you want to say. One of them wrote this fable, roughly translated it means that when human beings wanted to tell others what they were thinking about they invented words; but the words were not enough, so they invented longer words; still these were not enough, so they thought of different ways of uttering them so that the meaning became different; but this even yet was not enough, so, runs the fable, before they knew what they were doing, their hands and feet began to move. And that is how dancing was born.

About Us

"with dancing perhaps more than any other art, there is no question that the single most important factor is a good teacher.It is very discouraging to find after several years of training that one is doing everything wrong, and in addition that it takes more time to put the fault right than it would have done to learn it properly in the first place"  Margot Fonteyn

THE RUTH STEIN SCHOOL OF DANCE offers classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Historical Dance and Drama. Incorporated in the ballet classes children learn classical mime, national dances and to interpret the music with free movement and improvisation. In all faculties children are encouraged to develop their creative and choreographic skills. Vocational and higher grade students are introduced to the classical ballet and musical repertoire.

All our staff are fully qualified, experienced and police checked. We do not allow students to supervise or take classes.

Extra curricular activities and events include: holiday workshops and summer school, annual choreographic competition, exams (optional), biannual school production, award ceremonies, participation in community projects and productions

We request that all prospective parents and pupils watch class before enrollment.