• *Passionate about achieving excellence in dance.
  • *Committed to perfect the teaching of dance.
  • *Promoting self achievement and performance.
  • *Dedicated to safe practise whilst maintaining a high standard!


The school aims to achieve a high standard of technique and understanding in all aspects of dance, whilst respecting it as an art. Each child is encouraged to work within their physical boundaries, learning their limits, strengthening their bodies and confidence. Small groups allow plenty of personal attention and individual guidance. Most children start their dancing classes as a hobby; therefore it is of utmost priority that lessons are fun, manageable yet taxing so that each pupil leaves the class with a sense of achievement.

Care is  taken however that exercises are learnt with precision to nurture young and growing bodies. Creating a solid basic training is of vital importance for the prevention of injury, as well as for those wishing later to take up a career in dance. 

"The challenge lies in preparing young dancers to the highest possible standards in a teaching style that gives them technical strength alongside the mental strength that comes from a strong personal self esteem, the individual artistry that has been allowed to develop and a highly trained instrument that will last for multiple employment opportunities."  Rachel Rist, Director of Dance at The Arts Educational School, Tring Park, and the Vice President of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. (Dance Gazette)

As a highly skilled art form, dance requires discipline and dedication whether the student be dancing as a hobby or wish to continue dance as a career. We hope to encourage the students to recognize the importance and benefits of this discipline not only in their dance classes but throughout their lives.