A unique vocational course for aspiring young dancers.

The affordable alternative to a full time dance school.

Our carefully designed curriculum offers up to 17 hours training per week structured around students current educational timetable.

Designed to train talented and passionate young dancers to a standard required for successful entry to Vocational dance schools at the age 16+.

Auditions for the Vocational Dance Programme are held for students from the age of 12.

Genres: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Repertoire, Historical Dance, Drama, Singing

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Courses available:


is specifically for young people seeking a professional career in dance and the performing arts, who want to commit to a full dance training. To gain entry into the finest vocational dance academies post 16/18, extraordinarily high standards are expected. This course is designed to meet those standards.

The DANSACADEMY is unique, however, in offering a training programme without having to fund a private education alongside. Our carefully designed curriculum offers up to 17 hours per week of full vocational dance training, thereby providing an equivalent training to that of a full time dance/ stage school (which also has to provide a school education) at a fraction of the cost. The DANSACADEMY has the huge advantage of allowing pupils to remain in their current school environment, retaining their full education opportunities and facilities that your local school can offer and maintaining the full selection of educational subjects. The structure of the course also allows students to stay at home, thereby hugely reducing the costs to parents and making a full training programme for serious young dancers possible for more families.

The DANSACADEMY will benefit all young people aged 12 to 18 considering a career in the performing arts and recognises the huge diversification of skills required of modern professional performers. Genres include Ballet, Modern, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Repertoire, Historical Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing (optional extra). This approach to dance training will keep students on par with children studying at full time dance/stage schools from the age of 11, who until now, have had an advantage over part time establishments due to sheer number of hours they can devote to dance classes.

Dance training requires dedication, a serious approach and skilled and experiences tuition. As well as their dedication to this programme, teachers at the DANSACADEMY work widely in the profession and teach in other renowned vocational academies. They are well versed in the demands of the profession and have had thorough knowledge of training students to the required standard.

Every student will receive an assessment at the end of each year and report detailing their progress and their ongoing suitability for the course. Each student receives audition support and ongoing nutritional advice to sustain the rigours of a dance training and to remain a healthy dancer.

As a recognition of the trainingavailable at the DANSACADEMY, The Moscow City Ballet Company have offered suitable students the opportunity to audition for a chance to perform with the company on their UK tour.

Payment is spread out over 12 monthly instalments.


12.5 hours per week at £247 per month for 12 months

15.5 hours per week at £280 per month for 12 months

17 hours per week at £315 per month for 12 months



The DANSACADEMY’S junior programme is designed to widen the student’s versatility and create a strong and solid technique and understanding of what is required of a professional dancer. This training leads into the full vocational programme above. Hours and classes are structured to accommodate and nurture the young and growing body. Students are introduced to a selection of dance genres to discover their preferred style and where their strengths lay. 
This is a preparatory course for enthusiastic younger students already considering a career in dance, for ages 9-12 years. It involves training outside school hours for a total of 8-10 hours per week. Genres include Ballet, Modern, Tap, Historical Dance, Repertoire, Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing (optional extra).

Payment is spread over 12 monthly instalments.


8 hours per week at £143 per month for 12 months

10 hours per week at £202 per month for 12 months